IIRIS LAAKSO (b. 1993) is a Helsinki based dance artist, who has been working as a choreographer, performer and teacher since 2013 in the field of dance and performance.

IIRIS is one of the founding members and active artists in f-ART House, an artistic collaboration focusing in corporality and social structures. Consisting of six young female-assumed artists, the collaboration has focused on deconstructing different social positions women are set to in society.

She is the chairwoman and a founding member of Hyvinvoivan Taidetanssin tuki ry, which is a registered association for improving health and wellbeing in various contexts in dance and art through workshops, classes and a variety of different events. She is also practicing the work of Artistic Director at AlterGround, a communal quest for finding alternative artistic platforms.

IIRIS has been teaching dance for more than half a decade and conciders it to be both a significant corner stone in her artistic development and undeniably some of the most important work all artists can contribute to.

With intersectional feminism as a guiding frame in her work as a dance maker and teacher, IIRIS wishes to create and strengthen a compassionate and empathic discourse both in social discussion and in more intimate surroundings.